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Have you ever prayed for a child who was ill? Have you prayed for someone who was grieving or for someone who lost their job? Has someone prayed for you when you were hurting or ill? Most likely you have prayed for or had your name lifted in prayer in one of these circumstances.

Whether it is a prayer of praise or a plea for help, prayer is our link to God. Praying is really just having a conversation with God. If you are not in prayer, you are missing out on something truly wonderful….an intimate relationship with God.

Go back and reread the first paragraph of this article.

Illness, grief, pain, loss. We remember to pray about these things. But how often do we pray that God will dwell within someone’s heart? How often do we pray that the words preached on Sunday morning are inspired by God? Or that the scripture and music shared on Sunday morning reach people in such a way that they feel compelled to deepen their relationship with God? We pray for those who are ill, hurting, and full of pain or loss but now it’s time to talk to God about Sunday morning.

This is your invitation to spend time in conversation with God on Sunday morning to pray for our worship services. Become a member of All For ONE/ONE For All prayer team. The name “All For ONE/ONE For All” refers to our belief in God with God being the ONE. We put our faith in the ONE (GOD) who loves us beyond human understanding.

All For ONE/ONE For All works this way. Sign up to pray for a Sunday worship service, either 8:45 or 11a.m. Spend that worship hour praying for Abel as he preaches, that God will speak through him. Pray for those who sing, play music, and read Scripture that their words are pleasing to God and that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray for the congregation, that God will move within their hearts and they are filled with a renewed desire to live for God.   All For ONE/ONE For All is a time to lift our worship services to God in prayer. This can be done in the privacy of your home, while you take a walk or in a quiet location at church. It does not matter where we pray, it just matters that we pray.

Sign up by completing the form below and drop it in the offering plate (or notify Lois Scharf-Newman by calling 592-5062 or email scharfnewman@aol.com). You will be given a date to pray.

It is my hope that you decide to give God your time, just 60 minutes, as you seek His blessing for our worship services.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]