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As a team of people in ministry for and with your 6-12 grade children, we want to commit three things to you: Communication, Appreciation, and Resources.


Communication needs to be a two-way street to have an effective ministry. We will communicate most often in the following ways, and we ask that you try to utilize these methods as well:

  • We will send a monthly newsletter with news of upcoming events and fundraising opportunities to parents. If you are not receiving our emails, please send a current e-mail address to
  • We will send out regular social media updates
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram: aftershock_ym
  • We will regularly update our website info (
  • We will send you occasional text messages with announcements/highlights/updates as well as time changes/cancellation notifications. To sign up for this service, text AFTERSHOCK to 95577


We know that it can be very difficult to get a “thank you” from our teens, so we want to say it for them. THANK YOU!! We understand that being a parent of a teenager is a full-time job and we want you to know that you are appreciated.

  • We understand that YOU are the parents and WE are not!! We know that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church.  Therefore, we want to be your cheerleader because we understand that parenting teenagers is a difficult task.
  • We also understand many families work with a narrow budget and tight schedule each month. Out of respect for this, it will be our goal to limit big events to once a month at most and to do all in our power to keep event costs to a minimum by utilizing fundraisers to defray costs.
  • If your youth comes to talk to us about something, you can trust that we will not speak negatively about you. We seek to encourage family communication.


We will do all that we can to provide you with resources that can assist you through the ebb and flow of parenting a teenager in today’s society

  • Our website and monthly newsletter will have helpful articles and links to resources ranging from how to transmit faith to your teen to understanding youth culture to warning signs of drug abuse or suicide. Listed below are several fantastic sites.

Parent Resources (Click the links below)


Being involved is one of the most important things you can do to assist your child’s Christian journey. One way to get involved is to volunteer in Aftershock Youth Ministry. Volunteers are what make our ministry thrive, and we are always looking for new adult leaders. This will also give you an opportunity to set an example for your student as to what it means to serve others with your time and resources, just as Christ did. Please consider different ways that you can serve the ministry to further the kingdom. We very much appreciate your consideration to do so! If you are interested, please email for further information.

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