Here are just a few things your generous donations were able to help with!

Whether you enjoyed it as a gardener, a consumer or both, our Harvest Table was a huge success again this year.  Thanks to you, we were able to send $232.22 from the table and another $668 from separate donations to the Peanut Butter Factory Co-op in the Dominican Republic.  Keep our table in mind this year when you do your spring planting!

This past Christmas was a special one for 11 WNY children when they received a gift Christmas morning under the tree from their incarcerated parent and an age appropriate bible from our church family.  Many thanks to those of you who purchased a gift on a prisoner’s behalf, a bible, or the postage to get them to their destination.  What may seem like a small act of kindness goes a long way for a child who cannot communicate with their parent on a regular basis.  Please include these children and their caregivers on your prayer list that they may not feel alone, ashamed, or anxious about their current circumstances.

In December our church was able to send a donation to our Jamaican host family Harold and Teri Nichols to help them maintain a children’s breakfast program that they have started up at their home on school days.  When our team was down there we witnessed the widespread hunger and malnutrition first hand and we were so pleased to hear that the Nichols’ have been able to get this up and running!  We received a hand written note back from TEAMS (that’s who the Nichols work for) when they received our check that I would like to share with you.  It reads as follows: “You are such a blessing to the Nichols!  The children’s ministry is a huge part of their ministry and one that holds so much potential-both realized and untapped. This ministry desperately needed an influx of funds and your gift goes a long way to meeting the need.  Thank you for being a blessing and partner in the ministry!”  Way to go S1UMC…want to continue to help these kids eat?  Come support our effort to raise money on January 25th by voting for your favorite soup.  Or you can donate any amount at any time.  Just mark your envelope or check “Nichols” and drop it in the collection plate.