Women’s organizations:  Forum and United Methodist Women 

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The ladies of the FORUM to meet; 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 21st
The hostesses will be Louise Grigsby and Jane Kester, and the devotions and meeting leader will be Cathie Phelps. The program will be on UMCOR and God Ministries of Harris Hill and the group will be collecting health kits.


Historical notes from the 1984 Church History booklet:  United Methodist Women and Forum 

     “Women have always taken a responsible part in all the Church work, but especially in the Mission work at home and abroad.  The details and dates are not all available but during the early 1940’s a cycle was developing which caused a period when the W.S.C.S. (Women’s Society of Christian Service) was having a difficult time to secure officers and a special effort was expended in which several members agreed to take a turn at serving as president of the unit.  These dedicated church members and members of the Missionary group breathed new life into their society.  New members joined and accepted jobs developing an enthusiastic attitude towards the goals of the Women’s Society of Christian Service.  In the late 1950’s some of our members accepted offices in the Buffalo District W.S.C.S. which served to open up our local organization to a wider vision of the work.

      In 1962 the Springville Methodist Church was removed from the Buffalo District and put into the Olean District.  Almost immediately Olean District W.S.C.S. asked for possible help with the Executive Board.  Soon Betty Gundlach was tapped for the Presidency of the Western New York Conference W.S.C.S.  Edna Neureuther was Missionary Education Secretary, Missionary Personnel Secretary of the Buffalo District and Membership Secretary of the Olean District W.S.C.S., Nominating Committee of the Western New York Conference, and also the Board of Directors of the Conference.  All of these contacts helped our local society to be aware of the importance of a sacrificial pledge to Missions.  Our pledge in 1984 is $1200.00 plus other contributions to the District.

       The W.S.C.S. became the United Methodist Women in 1968 when the merger of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren churches became a reality.

       In 1947 a Young Women’s Sunday School Class, taught by Mrs. Mary Palmer, decided to have a monthly meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. For many years this class was called “The Young Women’s Forum”.  The class survived for many years but eventually men wanted to join the class and it became the Forum.  The monthly meeting continued to be a social organization with service to our fellow church members a very important part of our concern.

      The Forum (again all women) like many church groups has had its ups and downs but at the present time (1984) attendance at meetings is good.  Programs are varied and frequently involve some service to the church, either physical or monetary.  Devotions are a part of each program. ”