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6PM Children’s Christmas Eve Service

Join us as our children's ministry leads us through the story of Jesus' birth! Merry Christmas! Click here to watch!

6PM Children’s Christmas Eve Service2023-12-24T18:53:58-05:00

Worship, December 24, 2023

This year we have the privilege of starting Christmas Eve together in worship. Luke 1:67-80 will guide us as the weary

Worship, December 24, 20232023-12-24T11:20:05-05:00

Worship, December 17, 2023

As we come to worship on the third week of Advent we are also about to experience the longest night of

Worship, December 17, 20232023-12-17T11:16:47-05:00

Worship, December 10, 2023

How does a weary world rejoice? Our scriptures this week suggest the importance of the wilderness in the journey of faith.

Worship, December 10, 20232023-12-10T11:18:06-05:00

Worship, December 3, 2023

The season of Advent is upon us. Unlike some of our holiday traditions that spark nostalgia or good feelings as we

Worship, December 3, 20232023-12-03T11:26:56-05:00

Worship, November 26, 2023

Many look at the state of the world and wonder what God is going to do about all the trouble near

Worship, November 26, 20232023-11-26T11:11:52-05:00

Worship, November 19, 2023

The world of the Bible is very different from our lives today. Family, community, and even national identity were much tighter

Worship, November 19, 20232023-11-19T11:13:30-05:00

Worship, November 12, 2023

The Apostles eagerly awaited the gift of the Holy Spirit after the resurrected Jesus had ascended. They didn’t fully know the

Worship, November 12, 20232023-11-12T11:08:12-05:00

Worship, November 5, 2023

More than ¼ of Jesus’s parables were about material resources, and about 15% of what we have from his preaching was

Worship, November 5, 20232023-11-05T11:31:50-05:00

Worship, October 29, 2023

We never need to look very hard for evidence for the ways the world is broken. We have walked another week

Worship, October 29, 20232023-10-29T11:31:03-04:00
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