True Power: Doing What Is Difficult

March 3, 2024

Scripture: Mark 8:31-38

In our Lenten journey that we know leads to the cross we must always be honest about our hesitancy to do the right thing when it is the hard thing to do. Mark 8:31-38 is our guide today and we see Peter, who has acknowledged that Jesus is the Messiah and yet doesn’t want to let Jesus define what that means. In this interaction between Peter and Jesus, we see a struggle with the road that is ahead. How do we learn to lean into God’s grace when the path before us is going to be difficult?

True Power: Baptism, Testing, And Jesus Announcing The Good News

February 25, 2024

Scripture: Mark 1:9-15

This week we open our hearts to Jesus as he starts his ministry on earth. Mark 1:9-15 tells us of a world that is conflicted. There are power plays between political and religious leaders with the arrest of John the Baptist. The spiritual conflict is already ramping up as Satan tests Jesus in the wilderness. All this as Jesus starts to speak truth to the powers of the world. “The kingdom of God has come near.” His call to those who would listen then is the same as our call to experience his True Power today. “Repent and believe the good news!”

Follow The Healer: The Holy Spirit And Healing

February 18, 2024

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

The Holy Spirit was Jesus’s gift to the Church after he ascended to be with the Father. The Spirit gives us the gift of comfort and peace, but also endows every believer with gifts to bless the church and the world. Certain work, such as healing, can only be accomplished by the power of the Spirit working in and through believers. We end our Follow the Healer series today by opening our hearts to consider the work of the Spirit.

Follow The Healer: Embracing The Mystery Of Healing

February 11, 2024

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:6-12

We have many paradoxes at the center of our faith. How could it be any other way when it comes to finite creatures worshiping an infinite God? This is part of the difficulty we deal with when it comes to healing. God desires us to find wholeness, but we know that healing does not always work the way we hope it might. 1 Corinthians 2:6-12 will be our guide as we continue with Follow the Healer this morning.

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