The Journey of Easter: Pentecost/Spirit Comes

March 26, 2023

Scripture: Acts 2:1-13

Even though Lent has a couple weeks left, we are bringing The Journey of Easter series to a conclusion today. Pentecost is often celebrated as the birthday of the Church, the day the Holy Spirit comes and powerfully fills the Apostles, and the number of believers explodes. In that regard, it is a powerful beginning, but in the Journey of Easter it is the culmination of Jesus’ work over three years to prepare a group of his followers to take his message to the world. How is God inviting us to receive the power of the Holy Spirit to claim the new life and mission he is leading us towards?

The Journey of Easter: Ascension/Letting Go

March 19, 2023

Scripture: Luke 24:50-53

This week we consider the Ascension of Jesus as it relates to the Journey of Easter. His followers see him go up to Heaven, but it doesn’t seem like they feel like they are losing him again. What has happened in their hearts in the five weeks since Good Friday for them to be able to let go of his physical presence and step forward into the new thing God was up to? We will open our hearts to see how letting go opens us to receive the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

The Journey of Easter: 40 Days/Adjust & Grieve

March 12, 2023

Scripture: Acts 1:1-3

Even in the midst of the power of Jesus’ resurrection already in the world, those closest to him and his message needed time to let their hearts catch up to what God was doing. They had 40 days with Jesus following the resurrection. During this time they processed all that had happened during Holy Week and prepared for the future. This week Acts 1:1-3 is our guide as we look to see how Jesus gives us time to adjust to the new things he is working to bring to life in our lives.

The Journey of Easter: Easter/New Life

March 5, 2023

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8

We live in an amazing time as it relates to medical care for our bodies. Surgeries and medications can quickly treat issues that not too long ago would have been life altering. We might have come to expect such quick fixes and we suffer from that spiritually. God’s work in our hearts is often a long and gentle process. New life comes about through a season, rarely overnight. Our series The Journey of Easter is giving us space to reflect on Jesus’ glory in Easter. It also helps us to understand how the Holy Spirit works in our life to bring about new life. This morning we reflect on Easter and new life with Mark 16:1-8.

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