Unoffendable: Beautiful Exception

September 24, 2023

Scripture: Romans 12:9-21

How well deserved is the reputations that Christians are harsh, judgmental, and even mean to those who don’t follow Christ? The better question is: How can I live my life in Christ in such a way that those outside the Church see something so different in us than the division and contention in the world that they want to know what makes us different? As we continue to worship and see how our hearts can be made unoffendable, may Romans 12:9-21 help us to swim in God’s grace and walk into a new week renewed to live Christ’s love in the world.

Unoffendable: The Myth of Righteous Anger

September 17, 2023

Scripture: Galatians 5:16-21

Being really upset, offended, angry. These are all from the same place in our hearts. As much as we can be encouraged to be mad for the right cause or a good enough reason, scripture is pretty clear on the topic. Anger is not necessarily always sinful, but it’s never good for our hearts. As we start our new series inspired by the book Unoffendable today, Galatians 5:16-21 is just one of the scriptures that will help lead us into worship.

A New Season: Eyes On The Lord

September 10, 2023

Scripture: John 12:44-50

For many of us, the fall is more than just a change of season. It is a change in schedule and expectations. Maybe you are starting something new, surrounded by new faces and experiences. Some might be sending loved ones into a new phase. Even if September brings relatively little change, we all know there will be a season coming when we experience new things. This morning we remind ourselves of the importance of looking to Jesus and inviting him to once again be the Lord (Leader) of our lives. He is there to lead us in the everyday mundane things of life, he never leaves us alone to walk into new times. He is with us.

Inspired by Faithfulness: William Wilberforce

September 3, 2023

Scripture: Acts 17:22-28

Because our world has a loving Creator, every individual who lives has dignity and worth. The Apostle Paul uses this truth in our scripture to try and open the hearts of the philosophers to the truth and love of our God in Acts 17:22-28. This same truth has led countless others to pursue the justice of the LORD for those who are treated less than others in this world. As we wrap up our Inspired by Faithfulness series today, we consider the life of William Wilberforce. He was the Methodist who, as a member of England’s parliament, worked tirelessly to finally bring the end of the legalized slave trade in all of the British Empire. Let us join our hearts in worship at the feet of Jesus today.

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