Roots: Advent and the Family Story of Jesus

November 27, 2022

Scripture: Isaiah 11:1-3a

Advent is here. This might be a trigger that gets us thinking about all there is to do this holiday season before we get to December 25. But let’s try to resist that temptation this year. Let Advent, and the Sundays we worship in it, be a time to settle us and sit with the Lord. Advent is not a time of holiday preparation, it is our spiritual preparation. We are to ready our hearts for the return of Christ. That anticipation is ours to build hope.

Story & Truth: Committed To Give

November 20, 2022

Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30

When life is good, we know how the Lord has led us there. Our lungs don’t take a breath, our heart doesn’t beat one beat, apart from the grace and provision of God. We recognize God’s greatness in creating, but also in sustaining, the life we enjoy. Grace is Christ’s gift freely given, when we don’t deserve it. And it’s all grace. Let us join with hearts full of thanksgiving this week.

Story & Truth: The Sheep & Goats

November 13, 2022

Scripture: Matthew 25:31-46

A story about sheep and goats, what can that tell us about living our faith today? A lot. At the heart of this parable is a clear message. Jesus is telling us that our faith has to be about how we live with others, especially those who have needs they cannot meet on their own. Let’s gather for worship, renew our trust in Jesus, and open our hearts to Matthew 25:31-46 as the Spirit leads us forward

Story & Truth: Laborers In The Vineyard

November 6, 2022

Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16

We are creatures of flesh and bone.  Because of this it is easy to lose perspective on the work of grace in our lives.  The God who blesses us with life and provides all we need to survive often ends up in the back seat of our priorities because he is Spirit.  If we are not intentional to turn our hearts in gratitude regularly Jesus will have a lack of visibility in our lives.  Let us worship as we turn to the LORD with Matthew 20:1-16 today.

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