A Prayer for Our Nation

Date: July 10, 2016

Pastor Kevin devoted his sermon this week to reflect on the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas and called on the congregation to offer the victims, their families and the nation in prayer.
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Abba Father

Date: June 19, 2016

Bible Text: Galatians 4:1-17 |

Pastor Kevin preaches a Father's Day message from the book of Galatians.
Abba Father 2016-06-19T13:08:32+00:00

The Lesson of the Stones

Date: May 29, 2016

Bible Text: Joshua 4:1-14 |

Rev. Keith Manry, who served as associate pastor at Springville First United Methodist Church from 2000 to 2002, returned to preach on the lesson of the stones from the book of Joshua.
The Lesson of the Stones 2016-05-30T12:24:51+00:00

Wonder, Love and Praise

Date: May 22, 2016

Bible Text: Psalm 8 |

Rev. Vonnie Vredenburg takes a closer look at the eighth Psalm of David, what it means to worship God and His creation, and where our place is in the kingdom of God.
Wonder, Love and Praise 2016-05-22T13:12:01+00:00