Altogether Different: Salvation Today

June 16, 2024

Scripture: Romans 8:31-39

We know from scripture that what Jesus did on the cross happened once and extends to all. Once we open our hearts and receive God’s grace and mercy that is ours. And because of the cross we are right to think of ourselves as having received salvation. Yet we also know that accepting Jesus into our hearts does not make us perfect. We still have sin, and even more we have yet to fully lay aside our selfishness and fully die to ourselves in order to pick up our cross daily. The work that we continue to do to open our hearts is the Holy Spirit helping us to become more and more like Jesus in our mindset and attitudes. We can be secure in knowing that Jesus holds us for an eternity, but our salvation comes alive each day when we lay our lives down and follow anew. Romans 8:31-39 will help us put our hearts around the idea of Salvation Today.

Altogether Different: Holiness, The Don’t Because Of The Do

June 9, 2024

Scripture: Ephesians 4:17-25

The good news of Jesus doesn’t start and end with the truth that we are loved by God just as we are. Christ loves us as we are, where we are at, and we can’t out sin or overstep the bounds of that grace. Yet, God also desires to love us into a better future. That is a future where we are out growing our sin and thriving in holiness. As we continue our series, Altogether Different, we will explore how God’s grace and love shows us what holiness is and how the church is the community where we can grow as we support and encourage God’s best for each other.

Altogether Different: We Is Bigger Than Me

June 2, 2024

Scripture: Romans 12:3-13

So many of the values baked into our culture have to do with being individually independent. As we have been considering in Altogether Different, this is a challenge for us as disciples of Christ. This week we consider how the we is bigger than the me in church, and how we are called to humble ourselves to love, like Jesus does. We join together for communion and let God lead our hearts with Romans 12:3-13.

Altogether Different: What Happens At The Table?

May 26, 2024

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:23-24

As we reflect on the ways that we are all together and different we will end up needing to ask, “What holds us together?” We might share similar stories or feel a bond because we live in the same place, but those things are often superficial. What is the deeper commitment that holds us together as a community? Even though we are not sharing Communion together today (next week!) we are going to reflect on the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing us together and the glue that is meant to bond us as one when we respond to the invitation to gather at the Table of Christ.

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