Social Connecting: Grace

June 28, 2020

Scripture: Genesis 45:1-8

This morning we bring our series on Social Connecting to an end with a look at Joseph and how God work in his life even in the relationships where he had been treated badly. Our scripture is from Genesis 45:1-8. This important message, entitled Social Connecting: Grace, helps us to put some of our difficulties into the hands of God’s graciousness and see how that grace leads us forward out of our pain.

Social Connecting: Fear of the Past

June 21, 2020

Scripture: Genesis 33:1-5

As we worship, in our series Social Connecting Jacob helps us to consider how we might make up for past actions in our relationships. Our scripture is Genesis 33:1-5 and the message is entitle Social Connecting: Fear of the Past. Jesus is always willing to help us work through past wrongs. Let us find his strength and hope in this time of worship.

Social Connecting: We Are Keepers

June 14, 2020

Scripture: Genesis 4:3-16

This puts us in the middle of our Social Connecting series as we look to the book of Genesis and look for God’s wisdom as it comes to relationship. Today’s scripture, Genesis 4:3-16, underscores how quickly human relationship where tragically difficult. While thankfully we don’t have the hardship of relationship that occurred in the text, we still find the needed reminder about being Keepers for others in this world. Jesus loves and saves us!

Social Connecting: Help!

June 7, 2020

Scripture: Genesis 2: 18-22

This week we continue our series Social Connecting and begin looking at some of the relationship dynamics that we see in the book of Genesis. Today as we worship we focus on Adam and Eve in Genesis 2:18-22 for a message called, Social Connecting: Help! This is not an encouragement for only those who are married, but an invitation to consider how deeply God has put a need in our hearts to be connected with others. Lord, draw us into your presence as we come before you. AMEN.

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