BELLS: Learn – A Humble Heart

October 17, 2021

Scripture: Matthew 7:24-29

Jesus is more than an idea, a type of morality, or even a good teacher. Jesus is the Lord amongst us and in the gospels we see the depth of God’s heart for us and what impact that is meant to have on our lives. Beyond knowing that Jesus came and gave his life for us the knowledge about the rest of his ministry in the gospels with the inspiration of the Spirit has the power to bring continual transformation to our hearts. The L of BELLS that we consider today is Learning about Jesus, Matthew 7:24-29 will guide our hearts in worship.

BELLS: Listening to God

October 10, 2021

Scripture: Luke 5:14-16

This week we reflect on the importance of listening to God when it comes to our interaction with the world. When we begin to open our hearts towards others and our ears towards God, amazing opportunities start to come our way. Luke 5:14-16 is our guide for worship, with emphasis on vs 16.

BELLS: Eating Your Way Into The Kingdom

October 3, 2021

Scripture: Luke 22:14-20

One of the ways the gospels talk about Jesus is with the title, “The Son of Man.” We are told that this Son of Man came to seek and save the lost, not to be served but to serve, and even to lay down his life. Luke 7:34 also tells us that, “The Son of Man came eating and drinking.” As we worship this week we will worship at the Table of Christ on this World Communion Sunday. We will find nourishment for our souls as we eat and drink with the Son of Man, but we will also consider the power of sharing food and drink with others in Jesus’ name. Let Luke 22:14-20 guide our hearts today.

BELLS: Blessed To Be A Blessing

September 26, 2021

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-7

Jesus reminds us when teaching on prayer that our Heavenly Father loves to give us good things. We know we don’t get everything we want, but also that we are often blessed by the Lord in many ways. As we worship today we see the call in Genesis 12:1-7 to interact with the world in a different way because of how God is blessing us.

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