Neighborhood Fellowship Group Program

News From Our Neighborhood Fellowship, Caring, Sharing Group Program. Our church’s Neighborhood Groups will begin meeting this fall. Our church family has been divided into 19 neighborhood groups for the purposes of: helping us become better acquainted with our neighbors who attend church with us; caring for our neighbors; enjoying times of fellowship with one another; and encouraging each other in our walks of faith. We hope that you will participate with your Neighborhood Group so that you can be a blessing to others and so they can be a blessing to you. The groups were formed at our Kick-Off event on September 21st. If you were unable to attend this event, please check in the green room to see what group your family is in. Jesus said to love God and love our neighbor. May we honor God by caring for our neighbor through this new ministry. If you have questions about this, please contact Pastors Abel or Vonnie. Have you checked the table in the Green Room to see what group you are in? If not, please stop by and do so. If you notice that we currently do not have a contact person for your group, and you feel God is calling you to do this, please leave your name and phone number. One of our neighborhood groups has already met, and we heard that they had a great time together and are now planning for their second event. Several of the other groups are planning November get-togethers. Others are still in the formation stage. We are praying for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in this small group ministry. Won’t you join us in prayer for this ministry? ?’s - [...]

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Have you ever prayed for a child who was ill? Have you prayed for someone who was grieving or for someone who lost their job? Has someone prayed for you when you were hurting or ill? Most likely you have prayed for or had your name lifted in prayer in one of these circumstances. Whether it is a prayer of praise or a plea for help, prayer is our link to God. Praying is really just having a conversation with God. If you are not in prayer, you are missing out on something truly wonderful….an intimate relationship with God. Go back and reread the first paragraph of this article. Illness, grief, pain, loss. We remember to pray about these things. But how often do we pray that God will dwell within someone’s heart? How often do we pray that the words preached on Sunday morning are inspired by God? Or that the scripture and music shared on Sunday morning reach people in such a way that they feel compelled to deepen their relationship with God? We pray for those who are ill, hurting, and full of pain or loss but now it’s time to talk to God about Sunday morning. This is your invitation to spend time in conversation with God on Sunday morning to pray for our worship services. Become a member of All For ONE/ONE For All prayer team. The name “All For ONE/ONE For All” refers to our belief in God with God being the ONE. We put our faith in the ONE (GOD) who loves us beyond human understanding. All For ONE/ONE For All works this way. Sign up to pray for a Sunday worship service, either 8:45 or 11a.m. Spend [...]

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Hospitality Team Members Needed

Become part of our Hospitality Team. We’re Recruiting Ushers and Greeters. Contact: Judy Law 592-7935 or Lawtml@verizon.net, Tom Place 942-6671, Cell:  957-2740 trpcsa@gmail.com A new meeting date will be announced soon.

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Bicentennial Videos Online!

It only took three months, but the videos from our bicentennial service from April 27 is now online! Below are the videos from the event: Entire Service Church Slideshow (From Bicentennial Dinner) Cross Formation

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Worship Leaders Ministry

We are in need of Worship Leaders for our 11:00am. Sunday service. Can you offer one or two Sundays every few months? Serving the Lord and our Church in this ministry includes the privilege of sharing  leadership of the service with the pastor, welcoming the congregation,  reading  announcements, leading prayer, reading scripture,  introducing hymns,  special  music, guests and occasionally assisting in serving  Holy Communion.   Leading the congregation in singing is not required, but a worship leader is welcome to do so if comfortable. Easy to follow instructions are available and you will work once or twice with an experienced leader. Worship Leaders receive all Sunday information in advance of the service that they will lead via e mail or postal service. What a great opportunity to share in a ministry of our church!  Please contact Anita Domes (592-7793) if interested!  Thank you!

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Do You Need A Ride To Church?

“Do you need a ride to church on Sunday?  Do you know someone who does?  Don’t let bad weather or car troubles keep you from the warmth of fellowship with your family at S1UMC.  Our church is happy to coordinate rides so that we can all worship together.  Whatever the reason please don’t hesitate to call the church office to request a ride on Sunday or sign the clipboard at the Welcome counter. Volunteer drivers are also needed – same clipboard at the Welcome counter.  For more information call Kate Moody, 592-3949.”

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Get Connected Booth

Check out our “Get Connected” information center located in the entryway.  It’s more than a Welcome Center.  It’s a place to go when you are looking for information about church activities, a place to buy tickets for upcoming events & Youth sponsored fund raisers, a place to find the latest First Fruits newsletter, a place to find brochures for church related events, & a place to sign up for various needs.  In other words, it’s a place to Get Connected.  Direct ?’s to Bud and Nancy Vredenburg at ccvredenburg@gmail.com or 716-560-5509.

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Coffee Hour

Each Sunday plan to come early to the 11:00am. worship service, or stay late after the 8:45am. service and join in a time of coffee and fellowship. COFFEE HOUR HELP NEEDED…If you are willing to help with the Coffee Hours (either after the 8:45 worship service or before the 11:00 service) notify us by signing up on the sign up list, or talk with Rebecca Roy.

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Food Pantry

Our church has a long history of participating in the ministry of the Springville-Concord Food Pantry which serves our neighbors within the Springville GI school district by providing food to people in need.  Thank you for allowing God to work through your by supporting the Food Pantry with your donations.  In 2013 you gave 607 loaves of bread, 245 boxes of food and 468 cans of food!  Praise God! The Food Pantry relies on our church for donations of sliced bread, so please   continue to drop off your bread donations on Sunday.  The Food Pantry box/table  is in the church entryway near our secretary’s office.  But the Food Pantry also accepts other donations as well.  Soup, instant potatoes, mac and choose, pancake mix, and maple syrup are just a few of the ”staples” which the Food Pantry always needs.  Please put these items on your grocery shopping list and remember to share your blessing of food with others.

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Nursery Helpers Needed

Nursery Helpers Needed - God Blesses Those Who Serve His Children. Please consider helping out in the nursery during church services. We would like to provide consistent nursery care for those families who choose to use it. One option is signing up during the service that is opposite the service you normally attend.  You can either sign up at the happening desk or contact Theresa Chase. Thank you for your help.

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