Worship, July 14, 2024

In John’s gospel we find a number of people who have face to face encounters with Jesus. Each has something happening

Worship, July 14, 20242024-07-14T11:20:22-04:00

Worship, July 7, 2024

The world will always have uncertainties. Our journeys will have us traveling through unexpected storms. God’s presence in our lives is

Worship, July 7, 20242024-07-14T09:36:47-04:00

Worship, June 30, 2024

When we come together and see God’s purpose in calling a congregation to community that is Altogether Different in some significant

Worship, June 30, 20242024-06-30T11:19:32-04:00

Worship, June 23, 2024

As we worship near the end of June we are surrounded by holidays that mark and remember the importance of freedom.

Worship, June 23, 20242024-06-23T11:15:44-04:00

Worship, June 16, 2024

We know from scripture that what Jesus did on the cross happened once and extends to all. Once we open our

Worship, June 16, 20242024-06-16T11:19:10-04:00

Worship, June 9, 2024

The good news of Jesus doesn’t start and end with the truth that we are loved by God just as we

Worship, June 9, 20242024-06-09T11:17:41-04:00

Worship, June 2, 2024

So many of the values baked into our culture have to do with being individually independent. As we have been considering

Worship, June 2, 20242024-06-02T11:34:31-04:00

Worship, May 26, 2024

As we reflect on the ways that we are all together and different we will end up needing to ask, “What

Worship, May 26, 20242024-05-26T11:18:56-04:00

Worship, May 19, 2024

Today is Pentecost Sunday! This is the day that we wear red to remember and celebrate the gift of the Holy

Worship, May 19, 20242024-05-19T11:29:55-04:00

Worship, May 12, 2024

In the ecosystem that is God’s Kingdom, healthy individuals cannot be takers. We all have basic needs that must be met

Worship, May 12, 20242024-05-12T11:04:26-04:00
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