Worship, April 14, 2024

The longer that we have known Christ in our lives, the more difficult it can be to recognize just how radical

Worship, April 14, 20242024-04-14T11:15:47-04:00

Worship, April 7, 2024

We celebrated Christ’s resurrection last Sunday, but as we see from the Gospels, the empty grave is so important that it

Worship, April 7, 20242024-04-07T11:30:27-04:00

Worship, March 31, 2024

Once again, we are here to celebrate the glory of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ! And we see the honesty

Worship, March 31, 20242024-03-31T11:11:49-04:00

Worship, March 24, 2024

The death of Jesus on the cross is a universe transforming event. Jesus stated that at the heart of discipleship is

Worship, March 24, 20242024-03-24T11:13:02-04:00

Worship, March 17, 2024

We find a call from Jesus today that we have already heard this Lent. This time worded differently and in a

Worship, March 17, 20242024-03-17T11:15:55-04:00

Worship, March 10, 2024

It would be easy to understand how a Holy God could get very upset with the people who have ignored the

Worship, March 10, 20242024-03-10T11:08:59-04:00

Worship, March 3, 2024

In our Lenten journey that we know leads to the cross we must always be honest about our hesitancy to do

Worship, March 3, 20242024-03-03T11:24:55-05:00

Worship, February 25, 2024

This week we open our hearts to Jesus as he starts his ministry on earth. Mark 1:9-15 tells us of a

Worship, February 25, 20242024-02-25T11:09:42-05:00

Worship, February 18, 2024

The Holy Spirit was Jesus’s gift to the Church after he ascended to be with the Father. The Spirit gives us

Worship, February 18, 20242024-02-18T11:18:34-05:00

Worship, February 11, 2024

We have many paradoxes at the center of our faith. How could it be any other way when it comes to

Worship, February 11, 20242024-02-11T11:15:27-05:00
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