Worship, September 24, 2023

How well deserved is the reputations that Christians are harsh, judgmental, and even mean to those who don’t follow Christ? The

Worship, September 24, 20232023-09-24T11:11:59-04:00

Worship, September 17, 2023

Being really upset, offended, angry. These are all from the same place in our hearts. As much as we can be

Worship, September 17, 20232023-09-17T11:11:47-04:00

Worship, September 10, 2023

For many of us, the fall is more than just a change of season. It is a change in schedule and

Worship, September 10, 20232023-09-10T11:22:45-04:00

Worship, September 3, 2023

Because our world has a loving Creator, every individual who lives has dignity and worth. The Apostle Paul uses this truth

Worship, September 3, 20232023-09-03T11:14:04-04:00

Worship, August 27, 2023

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is rightly known for his theological writing. Yet it was his love for Christ and the Church that had

Worship, August 27, 20232023-08-27T11:08:36-04:00

This week we welcome guest lay speaker, Andrea Simmons. She will be guiding us through Genesis 29 and Romans 8 as


Worship, August 13, 2023

E. Stanley Jones was an United Methodist follower of Jesus who had an impact on the world that few others have

Worship, August 13, 20232023-08-13T11:14:20-04:00

Worship, August 6, 2023

Some people who follow Jesus are very certain that faithfulness only leads to ease and blessings. Yet, we don’t have to

Worship, August 6, 20232023-08-06T11:27:31-04:00

Worship, July 30, 2023

In 1999 the news of a tragic school shooting came out of a town in Colorado. We know of that tragic

Worship, July 30, 20232023-07-30T11:02:19-04:00

Worship, July 23, 2023

This week we look to the life of John Wesley as we seek to be Inspired by Faithfulness. We know him

Worship, July 23, 20232023-07-23T11:30:07-04:00
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